Friday, 23 December 2011

Goodbye Reuben

Our beloved 11 year old cat Reuben passed away yesterday,
just 3 days before Christmas 2011.
Such a very sad time for our family.

He got a paralysis tick a month ago, but luckily we found it
and he was lucky. No such luck this time.
We went looking for him yesterday morning after he wasn't
at the door to greet us. He usually always does each morning.

Zac found him under the house, laying in the dirt...barely alive.
He didn't respond to his name. I found the tick and pulled it out.
When I picked him up, he was cold. A sign of tick paralysis, I'm told.
 Every animal deals with the paralysis differently, but Rube was hyperthermic.
We are so lucky to have out Vet at the end of our street, so a very quick drive
down to them and they delivered the horrible news.
It was a paralysis tick and he had a severe case. He wasn't well.
They hoped if they could warm him up, they could give him the anti-serum.
 At that point, although bleak...they were optimistic.

So, releuctantly the kids and I left him in the Vet's capable hands.
She told me she'd call if anything changed.
That was the last time I saw him.
2 hours later, I got the phone call.
Rube was deteriorating quickly.
We had no choice but to put him to sleep.
Many tears were shed that day.

We brought him home and he has his own little spot in the garden.
The kids drew him pictures and Zac wrote him a letter, as well as a photo
with each of the kids to keep him company.
Flowers adorn his grave today...the kids sweet touch!

He was 11. Not real young, but not real old either. It can happen to anyone.
With the floods here in Brisbane a year ago, ticks have bred out of control.
Ideal breeding conditions makes for more and agressive ticks.
Not good for our pets.
They are not fussy either, dogs or cats...they'll suck blood from anyone,
including humans.

So, make sure you check your pet regularly...we did after the episode a mth ago.
Unfortunately we didn't get this one.

Time will begin to heal wounds and we'll get another pet, just not yet.
All too raw for now.
My kids have not experienced death before, so this was VERY real.
Both are doing ok now, thankfully.

Such a traumatic experience for our family.
We lost a family member. :(

Thanks to all those who have sent lovely messages on Facebook.
It's nice to know you care.

Chat soon,


donna said...

Oh honey :-( a much loved pet is certainly part of a family... Just like one of your children. Hugs to you and your family xxxxx

Jasmine S said...

This is so sad Michelle. It is really hard for the kids but it is also a good life experience. I hope you guys have a great Christmas day.