Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas in the City

After yesterday's traumatic events, Mum and I took the kids into the City
to see the Myer windows and watch the Myer Parade and Pantomime.
So, we headed in a bit earlier to have some dinner before the Show.

The City is busy at any time but x4 during Christmas was crazy!!!
The Parade was great, although way too many people for good photos!

Afterwards, we looked at the Myer Windows.
This was the last window and oh so cute!
The kids were pretty impressed with these.

After the excitement of the windows, we did some Christmas shopping.
I still had a few things to get. Been a very long time since I shopped
in the City at night. We're talking pre-kids!
It's always nice. So much going on, hustle ansd it!

We got to King George Square about 9pm, just on closing.
Everyone had sore feet but we had to stop at the Christmas tree.
The BIG Christmas Tree in KGS!
It's a Brisbane tradition, this tree.

Here's Zac standing in front of it.
Ella was over it by this stage.

It was a nice night out.
Just what the Dr ordered.

Chat soon,

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Monica said...

Chelle, I'm so sorry to hear about Reuben, I know how hard it is to lose a pet.
It sounds like a trip to the city was lots of fun. I love the Myer christmas windows and the tree...but KGS just doesn't look right anymore iykwim?? Too plain..
Have a Merry Christmas Chelle!