Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Ella's now 6

Yep, my baby is growing up!
Ella turned 6 last week.

We've been counting down to her Birthday for months.
Anything she saw on TV that she liked, she said...Mum,
Can I have that for my Birthday?
So, now that it's been and gone, it'll probably be...Mum,
can I have that for Christmas?
Haha...yep, it's coming and fast!

She also lost her very first tooth, a few days before her Birthday!
That was an exciting event, and couldn't wait for the Tooth Fairy
to pay her a visit!
She woke me up next morning, with the shiny $2 coin in her hand,
and a grin from ear to ear!

Chat soon,

1 comment:

Louise Sutton said...

Wow, a big week for your household! Happy belated birthday to Ella.