Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Ekka 2011

We headed off to the Ekka on Sunday.
For those that have no idea what the Ekka is, it's the Brisbane Show.
It's known as the Exhibition or Ekka up here!

We awoke to great excitement and lots of singing..."We're going to the Ekka".
Both kids couldn't wait to get there.
It was a nice day. Warm enough, but with dark clouds looming and they
eventually hit us about 4.30 til 5.30pm...rain...oh joy!
Wasn't too bad though. We found a dry spot to ride it out!

We wandered through the gate and found the clowns.
Ella had to have a go!

After the Clowns, Ella decided she wanted to go on the Rollercoaster.
Yes, my 5 yr old. She is quite the daredevil and loves anything wild!
Zac on the other hand, will happily stand back and say "No thanks".
He's your more on the ground type guy. No wild rides for him.
He did love the Ghost train and the House of Horrors with Dad!
That's more his style!

We wandered through the Cattle Pavilion, then onto the Dairy goats.
There was plenty of these on our farm growing up.
Sweet Memories from my childhood.

Ella got in with one of the baby goats and had a cuddle,
til it started nibbling at her ear!

We headed off to the Rides area for the kids to have some fun.
They loved the Magic Circus that is about 3 storeys high and goes
through all different rooms and areas with crazy stairs, slides and conveyor belts!
They loved that!

Onto the Animal Farm, with all the baby animals!

After the baby animals, we wandered through the Horses, Cattle,
Chickens and the Birthing Suite.
A little bit of pressure for the poor ewes waiting to
give birth to new lambs. Not sure I'd want to be giving birth
in front of that many people?
Nothing was happening when we walked past.

Back to the Rides.
The Slide was fun!

Ella loved the Pony Ride.

We stayed til after dark.
The kids had some more rides before heading to the Showbag Pavilion.
Now that takes some time. The kids had no idea what bag they wanted.
Ella ended up getting the Pretty Pony Showbag and Zac got the Combat bag.
Both are very happy with their bags.
Then the usual choccy and chip always!

We ended up heading for home, all tired and weary about 8pm.
Due to the rain we decided not to hang around for the fireworks,
even though that was our plan earlier in the day!
We had fun, all totally buggered by the end of the day.
Another great Ekka!

Chat soon,

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