Thursday, 23 December 2010

Gingerbread House

I bought a Gingerbread House about a week ago.
Thinking it would be a fun activity for the kids in the leadup to Christmas.
So, we cracked it open this morning. I assembled the house then tried to add the decorative icing.
My icing around my windows and door was a little to be desired. So much so, that I didn't bother with the side windows! LOL I was over it...

The good part about the kit is everything is included. Even that horrid icing that won't spread!!
The main thing is the kids loved it. I think they used every single lolly in the pack!
Looks ok. I'm sure it'll look good on Christmas Day!
Zac and Ella will make sure everyone has a piece seeing they decorated it! :)
Look out family...You'll have to try some and I'm sure you will be insisted to!

Here's some pics...

Here it is all finished...

The kids love it, which is the main thing.
Although it looks a little different to the box?? LOL

Did you make a Gingerbread House or do some baking with the kids?
Leave me a comment if you did.
Did it go to plan??? LOL

Chat soon,


Sue Cook said...

Hey Michelle, I bought the same gingerbread house but ours was all broken when we opened it. Because it was so hot, the icing wouldn't set and the roof and walls have now caved in!! Let's just say that we have a very rustic gingerbread house! Yours looks awesome. Sue

Michelle Jamieson said...

Thanks Sue!
I was worried about the heat, too but it's still standing. It's been raining here today so maybe that's what's helped us? A cooler day.
I bet it tastes the same...caved in or standing! LOL
Have a great Christmas! :)

Chelle Xx

Lisa K said...

we made Christmas ice - ( like coconut ice but festive colours!)
and made reindeer heads out of choc biscuits, pretzels and glace cherries - they are SO cute!!

Yillup said...

Oooohhhh, it looks so yummy! :D

Scrapping Down a Lane said...

Hey Chelle you can brush a little bit of jam (I use apricot) on the cake before you ice it and that will help the icing to stick or egg whites help do the same trick (I'm a cake decorator in another life with a Tafe Certificate and all!!!). I think it looks darn awesome and yummmmmmmy!!!!