Monday, 20 December 2010

Friday Foto

I've been slack!
I was told so by my Mother-in-law Nancy and my friend Lex on Saturday!
Honest, aren't they?
I haven't done the last 3 last week's Friday Foto so you are getting 3 today! LOL

Does your life get as mental as mine in the lead up to Christmas??
I have officially bought every present I need to buy. I am yet to wrap a few but the majority is done.
So, I am feeling organised about Christmmas.

Although, not feeling very organised at all with our Camping trip between Christmas and New Year! Argh!!!!
Lots to do there, including working out what food we are going to take for a week!!!!!!
I'm dreading that, although we are in a more civilised area that our last trip to Moreton Island last year!
So, hey if I forget something...I'll be off to the shop! (haha)

We attended Ella's Pre-School Graduation a few weeks ago.
It was so nice and the kids received Certificates for Graduating, then had a BIG disco to celebrate.
I'm going to miss all the gorgeous girls I have made friends with at the Centre. They have been a part of my life for the past 7 years and I can say they have become wonderful friends.
From when Zac started, way back in late 2003 til Ella finishing now...Wow!
My babies have certainly grown up.

Here's Ella and her friend Rosie singing Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer!
These two cuties are in the same Prep class next year!

Ella had her very last day at Preschool last Friday.
Sad to say Goodbye, but she's off to school next year!
Here she is on her last day with Miss Bec and Miss Heidi, her teachers.

We had our family Christmas with the Jamieson side of the family yesterday. It poured rain, but the kids still swam and had a ball. It's just nice getting together to spend some time. Jase's brother's family has a new family member. His name is "Buddy" the Cockatiel and Ella and my little niece Millie had lots of fun playing with him.

So, I'm all caught up!
I'll be back tomorrow with a few more layouts to share!

Chat soon,


'Joyce' said...

hi Chelle, lol, yes, it's certainly the silly season here too. Not so much for Christmas but just that end of year clean up, sorting clothes, school books, artworks. Ella is so grown up in these photos. The years fly by. Enjoy your holidays and have fun camping. A Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Scrapping Down a Lane said...

OMG>>>>>>>> big school next year for Ella, when did Ella grow up... time has flown Chelle, and wooooo Zac will have his sister in toe at School, your going to be lost with out ONE at home Chelle xxx

It is beautiful that you have captured the teachers with Ella, that will be special in years to come. xxx