Friday, 26 November 2010

Friday Foto

Today's Friday Foto was taken last weekend.
Jase had his Cricket Awards Night and it was a semi formal affair. Nothing like dolling up every now and then. I even bought a dress!!!!!
For those that know me, I'm so not a dress kinda gal!
I'm you're skirts and jacket kinda gal...even for the Races! So, for me to lash out and buy a dress was quite a milestone!!

Here's me and my SIL Trace, before we left for the Awards Night.

It was such a fun night.
My BIL Scott won "Best player" from Jase's team...that was exciting!

Tomorrow, I'm off on another night out.
To celebrate my Birthday, which is on Sunday!
Just the girls...It should be a blast...Can't wait!

Chat soon,

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aussiescrapper said...

Wow you look super stunning Michelle, glad you had a fantastic night. Melxx