Friday, 8 October 2010

Friday Foto

The footy is all finally over, with Collingwood winning the AFL and the mighty Dragons winning the NRL.
Jase has been a Dragons fan as long as I've known him. It goes right back to Rod Wishart and the Illawarra Steelers for him! So, he pulled out the antique "Wishy" jersey for Sunday as well as anything else he had in the Dragons colours!

So, this has been passed down to my children, who are also Dragons fans.
Both kids are very passionate about the Dragons! LOL
Dad's influence much??

We headed to my SIL and BIL's place for a footy party and to watch it with friends. It was quite the vocal event with lots of yelling and cheering. Fortunately, the Dragons came out winners or I don't think we would have heard the end of it.

Here's Jase, Zac and Zac's class mascot Sunny...all dressed up in their Dragons Friday Foto.

I have a market tomorrow, cricket season starts and we are preparing for plasterers on Sunday!
Another busy weekend!

Chat soon,

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sueat17 said...

Yay! Jase and Zac have such good taste in NRL teams!!! Gotta love that momentous AND convincing win last weekend! I too have been a fan right back to the Rod Wishart and Mary McGregor's a win a long time coming....but that just made it all the more sweet! Go you mighty Dragons (and the awesome legend Wayne Bennett)...lets make it back to back premiereships in 2011!