Sunday, 27 June 2010

Ron Mueck Exhibition

We decided to have a family day out over pancakes this morning.
A late start for us, but a great Sunday, all the same.

So, we got ready and walked down to the train station, closeby our home.
I think Ella has been on a train once before so it was a big deal for her. She loved it and pointed out plenty on the way.

The Qld Museum was the first stop. A request for the holidays from both kids. They really enjoyed it too. There's a special "The Butterfly man of Kuranda" on display at the moment. Some wonderful boxed displays are on the wall with amazing butterflies, moths, bugs and beetles. Very cool, actually.

Then a wander around the rest of the Museum...the Swimwear exhibit and the War Heroes were two of the favourites. We saw 3 "Victoria Cross" Medals of 3 very deserving servicemen, that I hadn't heard of before. They told each man's story and very interesting indeed.
Onto lunch before heading to the Gallery of Modern Art or GOMA. I have been wanting to see the "Ron Mueck" Exhibition. He's an amazing Sculptor, who's actually Aussie-born but these days lives in London.
Well, I'd been told a bit about it, but "WOW" is all Jase and I could say about his work.
His sculptures are so very real and life like. Everybody enjoyed this exhibit, even the kids.
He is amazing. The attention to detail is phenomenal!

Here's a few of my favourites...

The HUGE baby

The chicken

The Man's head
(This was my favourite)
How real does he look?

**WARNING** - Nudity ahead!!

I swear this next guy's eyes were following us around the room.
Check out his expression.

A great day out.
I hope you had a lovely weekend!

Chat soon,


Lisa K said...

Yep - gunna go next Sunday - thanks babe!!!

aussiescrapper said...

Wow wow, how life like are these amazing statues, how about that head. I missed seeing you at the Handmade expo last weekend, everyone comments about my gorgeous denim flowers. Love Melxx