Friday, 25 June 2010

Friday Foto

Ella has had an obsession with our cat, Reuben the last month or so.
You could call it a LOVE-HATE relationship.
Ella loves him but Rube hates her!! LOL

Reuben is a black 9yr old cat that will only put up with Ella hugging, cuddling, wrapping him up in blankets for so long. The long and the short of it...he gets very sick of it.
As he can't tell her, he reacts the only way he knows how? He bites.
Ella ends up in tears, but at least Rube gets some time away from her.
Cracks me up this strange obsession she has of late?
Better scrap about it huh??

So, I thought I'd share a pic of Ella and Rube on the lounge early this week. He's all snuggled up with her.
Seems he'll put up with it, if it's on his terms! Typical male huh?

Today sees the start of school holidays, here in Qld.
We can't wait. Lots of things planned for us and a big celebration next week.

Chat soon,

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Susan said...

That's going to be a good scrapping session I am sure. Enjoy your kitty, Ella!