Monday, 8 February 2010

An unwelcome visitor

We had an unwelcome visitor today.

Ella and I had just come home from doing the grocery shopping, and I was opening the french doors onto our front deck when I spotted this guy.
I will be honest, I jumped!
I'm so NOT into snakes. I can deal with just about any other creature(including cocky's, bugs and spiders...maybe even mice?) but these guys...makes my skin crawl. YUCK!
So, I quickly closed up the doors til Jase came home from work and checked out there on the deck and BBQ.
Apparently he'd moved on. Wethink he has come down from a tree branch that is very overgrown and close to the deck. Maybe all the rain flushed him out?

So guess what I'll be organising shortly? A tree lopper!!
Jase and I were only talking about getting them lopped on the weekend...this has made me!! LOL

Promise I'll do a post about Tamworth shortly.

Chat soon,


Susan said...

Eeeeek!! I would have jumped and slammed too!! Did Jase catch him? Good idea to have the trees lopped, Chelle. Watch out under the hosue too, OK?

Michelle Jamieson said...

Thanks Susan!
Luckiy downstairs is totally sealed and they can't get in. Phew...I would have been watching my back if I was down there alone!!!! ;)

Scrapping Down a Lane said...

I have to tell you the only good snake is a dead one Chelle in my books... No I wouldn't kill it unless I needed to protect ME and mine but geeeeeeee they sure run a shutter up the spine (I'm from the bush and were I worked these things came to lunch about every day in Summer)I kid you not.... :(

Heids xx said...

Awww Chelle! It's just a wee tree snake! LOL. We have had a few of those, and reall ythey are non aggressive, and it takes A LOT to upset them! It's the brown snakes we have living in our bush htat scare me!... that snake of yours is lovely!! :D