Sunday, 10 January 2010

Moreton Island Camping Trip

Here's my wrap up of our Camping Trip to Moreton Island.
We set off Monday moning and headed to the Port of Brisbane to await the Micat that took us over to Moreton Island at lunchtime. Great trip over and we all had lunch on the boat.
Arrived about 2pm and headed to Comboyuro Point on the northern end of the island.
The rest of the day was setting up camp and it took til dinner time.

We had 7 familes this time around. It's great when your friends and family all enjoy camping too.
The kids always have so much fun playing together. We spent plenty of time at the beach...every day actually. So I have a fabulous tan that is slowly peeling off, layer by layer. (LOL)
Each family caters for themselves, food wise and let me tell you...I have lots of different ideas for next trip.
My BIL and SIL have a gas oven and let me tell you. It's the best thing since sliced bread when you are camping. We did nachos one night and I premade and froze mini quiches whic were a big hit too. Both heated in that delightful oven...I love it!!

We did a few walks, explored the island by's the only way to get around, as it's inaccessible by car. We ate, drank, sang, listened to music, read books and mags, played games and generally enjoyed each other's company. It as a great week away!

New Year's was a very fun night!
My SIL Tracey turned 40 on New Years Eve, so we had a Hawaiian themed New Years/Birthday Party!
Everyone wore Lei's, we had blow up palm trees, beach balls, umbrella straws and we even found Trace a coconut bikini that we made her wear. She as impressed none the less!
The kids had glow sticks galore and we did sparklers...they had a ball!
Midnight struck and there were kisses and cuddles all around, before heading down to the beach, as Manda and Tanya decided they'd doa midnight swim...alcohol had nothing to do with it...LOL
So off we went, camera in hand of course. I got a few pics of the girls, then on the way back, got stopped at another campsite for more New Year festivities before headed back to camp and headed to bed.
Fun way to bring in 2010!!

Here's a few pic from the trip...
The surf side of Moreton.

Cape Moreton Lighthouse

Ella just loves the beach

We swam every day.

Nothing quite like a game of beach cricket.

Trace (my SIL)...the Birthday girl.

Jase and I on New Years Eve, down the beach at midnight.

The midnight swimmers...Manda and Tanya.

Then heading for the boat on Sunday afternoon. A big storm came over, which was just rain luckily, nothing worse, although it looked bad.

We headed to Tangalooma for some lunch and waited out the worst of it before heading to the boat and saying goodbye to Moreton.
That's Jase, my niece Mel and my BIL Barrie sitting and waiting patiently til departure time.

MeanwhileTrace and I went for walk before amusing ourselves taking self portrait pics of us with theTangalooma wrecks in the background.
How sunburnt was Trace?
All currently peeling off...

Due to the storm the boat was running late, so it didn't arrive til after 7pm. We saw everybody get off and were waiting to get on when black smoke was coming from the beach. We couldn't see it, and couldn't see if it was a car or boat on fire. People from 4WD's lined up to get on the boat went running towards it to help.
It was a 4WD and it had just got off the boat, not 2 mins earlier and had driven about 200m down the beach. Not entirely sure what happened but it burnt to the ground with a full load of camping equiptment, including gas bottles. They went off like bombs.
The young couple made it out in time, luckily.
What a way to start your holiday?
It was the talk of the boat on the way home.

Apart from the scary event, we had a fabulous holiday.
I'll definately be back to Moreton!

Chat soon,


Heids xx said...

How divine! I haven't been to Moreton since I was about 11. It is so lovely to look at your photos brings back memories :D
How awful for the young couple starting their trip with a bang...(sorry that was bad taste :( )

Scrapping Down a Lane said...

Happy New Year to your little crew Chelle... yes I'm running behind but you were off in this magic place having a much needed REST and WOW looks like you had a ball xxx

It is a Wonderful looking place xxx

Sarah Rickard said...

Great pics Chelle, I especially love the pic of the lighthouse