Tuesday, 5 January 2010

A look at our Christmas...

I thought I'd better do an update about our Christmas. It seems so long ago now.
The leadup and just after Christmas were a bit of a blur. Why is it we are so busy at Christmas time??
Too much to do and so little time to do it!
I even braved the 24hr shopping at Westfield Chermside 2 days before Christmas. It was insane to say the very least and after parking a mile away, then getting into bed about 2am...I need to plan my attack better next year! LOL I know why I've stayed away in previous years.

We woke early to Santa leaving presents in our lounge room.

He must have known something, leaving Boogie Boards for our two!
(Especially seeing we were off to the beach a few days later)
Then, into the Santa sacks to see the flurry of presents that Santa left...

After that it was time fo breakfast fore heading to Chris and Ian's (my SIL's sisters) for a delish lunch. It was great catching up with everybody and we dined on divine seafood, as we normally do! Then a rest after lunch..after eating too much, watched the kids playWii before a game of backyard cricket.
Then onto my Mum and Dads for dinner.

Kids again played cricket (Zac got a new set for Chrismas), before we ate dinner and opened even more presents!! A lovely relaxing time with family before heading for home with 2 very weary children.

Then awoke quite late on Boxing Day morning. Ella rose about 9am which is unheard of for her.
Every Boxing Day we spend with Jase's side of the family.
This year Scotty and Kate hosted it.

Here's my nephew Seth opening his presents...

Melanie and Lani opening presents..

Ella with her stash...

Here's Griffin and Zac creating a Star Wars Lego masterpiece...

Then followed by a swim in the pool...

A relaxing and fun day was had by all!

Chat soon,

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