Saturday, 30 January 2010

I've been productive today...

Seriously, I have...very productive actually.

I've caught up on 3 challenges in my Art Journal. Being away in Tamworth last weekend put me out of whack! So, as of today I'm all caught up. I've even done this week's too.

Here's Week 3 - My favourite time of day.
Mine is when Jase arrives home and the kids squeal "Daddy" and run for the door. He's always greeted with hugs and kisses!!
Makes me smile!

Then last week, Week 4 was about a Childhood Memory. It could have been good or bad. Mine was oneof my favourit memories. The year I got a pony for Christmas. It's probably my most vivid childhood memory too. I was absolutely horse-mad back then!!
Her name was Sunny and I loved her to death!

This week, Week 5 is what you love about yourself. This was tough.
Coming up with that list. I had to really think about it.

(Some more of that delish Washi tape on this one. Check out the Chelley Bean blog to find out what I'm on about, if you don't already know. LOL)

Then, I finished the last of the 21st invitations off. A few guests had slipped Andy's mind...LOL
Here's what they looked like.
I've had to smudge the details for privacy, but you get the idea!!
I'm look√≠ng forward to a cocktail dress up for this one.

You might have noticed my new blog headings at the top of my blog. I need to shout out a BIG THANKYOU to my friend Tracey for sorting those out for me. While I was away in Tamworth living it up she was sorting those out for me...Thanks Trace...I appreciate it heaps!!
So, I've been super busy sorting out the pages and adding pics, etc. Just need to add some more layouts under the Magazine work and I'll be there. I'm happy with's looking good!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Chat soon,


Susan said...

Wow Chelle you HAVE been busy! It all looks great. I love your childhood memory especially.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Ingeborg Dijkstra- Verbeek said...

I love your journal, Chelle ... it looks wonderful!

And ... I have an award for you on my blog :-) ...

'Joyce' said...

Chell, love your journal. Ohhhh, I wish I had a Sunny. lol. My grandparents had a farm and I remember riding Trixie. So much fun.