Sunday, 31 January 2010

A Blog Award

I received a lovely Blog Award today, from my friend Ingeborg in the Netherlands. It's a "Happy101Award" which is very sweet. She loves my Art Journal, which makes me smile.
Thanks Ingeborg!!

If you receive the award, you have to mention 10 things that make you happy, so my top 10 of 'things/ people that make me happy' is:

1. My wonderful husband Jase
2. My two cute and goofy(at times) kids - Zac and Ella
3. My family - love them all to death....both sides!!
4. Scrapbooking - I have so much passion for this hobby!!
5. Friends - IRL and Online
6. in the swimming variety...Yummo!!
7. Holidays and spending time together
8. My's my link to the outside world!
9. Home - There's no place quite like it!
10. Life - There's so much to experience, see and do out there!!

I'm going to award three people who inspire me and make me happy and inspire me no end! Thanks girls!! ;)

1. Aga
2. Lou
3. Nic

We've been and had a lovely BBQ lunch with the family, the boys played a game of cricket out the back in between rain showers. It's been crazy the rain today! But, I'm liking it.

Chat soon,


Aga said...

Aww thank you so much Michelle, what an awesome surprise!! Your wonderful creations have been brining a smile to my face for a long time too and I will get the award up soon :)
Aga xx

Nicole said...

thanks babe.

LOVING the look of your blog too. very swish