Friday, 15 January 2010

Friday Foto

I'm getting in early this week.
I'm about to head off to pick up a school friend of Zac's and take them to the movies.
We are off to see "The Tooth Fairy" with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.
I loved this guy when he wrestled, so of course I said, "Sure...Of course you guys can see that."
Bit of eye candy up on the big screen. LOL
It looks quite funny actually, so I'm looking forward to it too.

Well, onto today's Friday Foto.
This week we had to scrap about the place where we go to escape in our Art Journals, my new challenge for 2010. Hmmm....that's not hard. I go downstairs and scrap in my scrap space!
So, I thought I'd share a pic of what my space looks like these days.
Lots of shelves and goodies stacked up on them, with things I use all the time and an arm's length.
I love it, it's my place....or my creative sanctuary, as I titled my page this week.

Here's my page in my Art Journal this week...

I used up heaps of scraps, bits and bobs. It's such a great feeling using stuff up, although it'll never really be gone now, will it? We've gotta keep replacing it! LOL
Shh...don't tell the other half!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Chat soon,


Treesa said...

wow cool scrap space...but it cant possibly look that tidy for very long!!
Maybe it just me but i cant even see my desk most of the time!
great page too thanks for sharing and thanks heaps for your comments on my blog :)
It s nice to know someones reading it!!!!!!

Gypsyangel said...

Hey Chelle, haven't visited your blog since before christmas and I have to say that it is looking good girl. Love the new theme and I see you managed to get those tabs you wanted. Btw I lurve your scrap space and would love to come and visit it, I mean you. LOL


Tanyah Payne said...

very cool space to scrap chelle! having pics like this is nice! to see it when your creating!

Michelle Jamieson said...

LOL...Tressa and Tan...I actually cleaned it up last weekend. I couldn't see the 2.8m desk at all before then!!
This is rare for my space to be this clean!! :)

Gyps, you can visit anytime! ;)

Chelle Xx

Heids xx said...

What an awesome inspiration your scrap space has given me some grat ideas on how I could possibly jazz up my metal tin beloved scrap shack lol
thanks for sharing!

Scrapping Down a Lane said...

Awesome looking space Chelle... now I see why you can pump out the creative stuff.... xxx love your new theme with a FOTO that takes your fancy for Fridays hun xxx

Tara said...

ah, its so CLEAN!!

love your scrapping area :)

Sarah Rickard said...

Love your scrapping space Chelle - Tan and I will have to come over for a creative day :-)

lyn said...

hey babe :D
Lovin your scrap space!!! great to see where all your beautiful creativness comes from! btw happy new year, looks like you all had a wonderful time away. take care hun xx

YvetteDownunder said...

I've been curious about where you scrap :) I would love to see more and feature it on the Crafty Storage blog

Jane said...

gorgeous scrap space, looks so airy and bright :)