Friday, 11 December 2009

Friday Foto

It's friday again. Not too many left for this year.
So, that means my Friday Foto will be finishing. Sad huh??

No, not really. I'll ave to come up with something else on a friday. I could go back to my flashbacks?
Anyone got any ideas for my Friday photo next year??
If you do leave me a comment with your idea!!
I'd love to hear them?'s today's pic!
Can you believe I got to my fave graffiti wall and got 4 pics before my batteries in the camera went flat?
Annoying, to say the least!!!
Zac really wanted me to take some pics of him on the grafitti wall, but it wasn't meant to be.
So, we are going back next week to do them! ;)

I have my last market for the year tomorrow.
The December Handmade Expo in Ipswich.

The details:
Ipswich Racecourse
Brisbane Rd, Bundamba
8am - 2pm
Free Entry and Free Parking

Hope to see you there!

Chat soon,


Susan said...

Sad your camera gave up just at a critical time! As fro next year's Friday Foto - What about a photo of something 'new' each Friday - a new layout, a new leaf, a new activity, a new food to try etc. Maybe brainstorm a few ideas around a word like 'new' (or pick another one?) to see if you can come up with close enough to 52 , then keep a list and cross 'em off as you discover one to photograph?

Just an idea!

And all the best fro your Craft Market tomorrow. I hope you will be undercover. It looks a lot like rain here...

Yillup said...

Grrrrr @ camera batteries - mine are charging now before I can download my photos to the computer! LOL

I reckon next year you could cycle through the alphabet. The first friday take an "A" photo, and then a "B" photo the next friday and so on. You'll get through the alphabet once and have to start again, but that'd be OK - you can think of new things then! It'll be hard finding "X" and "Z" things though... :D

Scrapping Down a Lane said...

Great photo again Chelle, ohhhhhhhhhhh Wow the year has just gone... I'm sure you will come up with something for your weekly challenge... how about something new and old not so much photos from the past but may be some item you own or would love... swap them around each week... new one week and old the next (good luck) I will still be here following you and doing a weekly comment.... I think I have left a comment each week this year :):):):)

Michelle Jamieson said...

I think you have too, Lucy!!
My most loyal follower, I thik you are!! :)