Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween

It's Halloween!!!
Zac and Ella are right into it this year!
They have been nagging me to buy some decorations, so we did. Although, note to self...Get them before the week leading up to Halloween, as the selection is slightly limited.We still had fun anyway!

The kids went to our neighbours and said "Trick or Treat". Not sure who was more excited, the kids or our neighbours kids, who are 14 and 12. They wanted to dress up too.
Ella went as a Hula girl...a change from the ninja turtle she was yesterday for the Kindy Halloween party. Zac was a pirate and totally his own collaboration! (hehe)

So, we decorated our front door with a huge spider, put up skeletons, skulls and some pumpkins that we lit tonight. I think Halloween might be in our Calendar to saty, for a little while, anyway!

Here's some pics...Here they are eating their treats!

How was your Halloween?

Chat soon,