Friday, 16 October 2009

Friday Foto

The end of another week...Friday 16th October!

I've been so busy with getting my Chelley Bean stuff together for The Handmade Expo, that it feels like this week has passed me by!
Anyway, it's ready, the car's packed, clothes are out and the alarm is set for some ungodly hour...(before the sun rises, mind you)...

So, look out...I'm ready or as ready as I'll ever be??

Here's today's pic...very late in the day!

I just want to wish my cousin Nicole, a very Happy Birthday for tomorrow!
Have a great day and I'm sure those boys of yours will spoil you rotten! ;)

Have a great weekend everyone!
Mine is going to be action packed!!

Chat soon,

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Scrapping Down a Lane said...

Good luck with the craft market Chelle xxx love you pic....