Friday, 21 August 2009

Friday Foto

It's the end of another week...bring on the weekend, I say!!
I have a busy day tomorrow shovelling dirt. Yep, you read right...our garden beds are in serious need of a top up and a trim back!
I might even make a dash out to the markets to get some new plants!!
The best, or worst part...depends how you look at's going to be 30 degrees tomorrow. OH well..might get a tan on the lily white legs, if anything?
Wearing jeans for the last few months will do that!

Anyway...onto today's Friday Foto.
A little different, but I like it!

I've also done my Embellished Idol layout for this week. I've made it through to Round Four...Yay!!! Let's see how we go this week?
We had a list of requirements to have on our layout. (Stitching, Painting, Layering, Distressing, Chipboard and a punched shape or border of some kind)

Here's mine...

The title "Our Squeezy Cuddler" is all about Ella and her squeezy cuddles she gives. Yep, her cuddles have a name. We have one every night at bedtime and if you're lucky a few through the day, too. Too cute!!

I've finally got the pics of the camera from last weekend's Birthday celebrations, so I'll share those tomorrow.

I hope you have a good weekend.

Chat soon,

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Anonymous said...

Love the pic again this week Chelle but have to say for a PINK layout I really think the cuddler is one of your sweetest layouts Very girly and a wonderful subject to scrap about xxx Enjoy the dirt throwing xxx I feel for you having been there done that in another life time!