Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Making a comeback

Yep, I made a comeback last night.
I played my first Touch Footy game in about 4 years, and I survived...just!!
I can safely say, I'm not as fit as I used to be. LOL
A little sore today, but doing ok. Did I run??

I started playing Touch when I was about 16, and played every year right up til I fell pregnant with Zac. Then I went back after I had him and until I fell with Ella. After that, logistics seemed to hard with 2 kids and making sure Jase was home from work, so I could go and play. So, I didn't keep playing and the team I was playing with folded, so that was the end of that!

I do love playing though and am having lots of fun and meeting some new people. So,hopefully I'm going to get some fitness back in the process. It's a great workout...you basically run for an hour!!

Zac went back to school this morning. He was very excited to be going back to see his friends and his teacher! I'm loving that!!
Although, back to routine, making lunches and no sleep-ins til the weekend...bummer!!

I actually have some work to share...Woohoo!
It seems few and far in between at the moment, with doing so much for Scrapbooking Memories and my Design Teams. So, this was just for fun. My Yahoo group was having a CC this past weekend, and I thought I'd join in.
This was a Monochromatics layout, so we had to use one main colour with a few splashes of black and white. Love the result of this one.

This is me and my cousin, Nicole in Daylesford last year, being silly.
She's gonna kill me when she sees that layout....hehe
She's due to have her second bub any day now. I'm thinking of you!!

And one using more than 5 photos. A fun one from Dreamworld last year!

I also wanted to say Hi to my followers in my sidebar!
It seems I have picked up a few more in the last week or so, so Thanks for stopping by, guys!! Promise I'll pop in on your blogs soon!!

Chat soon,

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kathie said...

It's good to see that you got some time to just create for the sake of it!

Touch football sounds like fun. I can totally understand though about the logistics. I almost never get to the gym in the evenings, because DH just isn't ever home from work early enough. That's life though, being a mum, isn't it.