Friday, 24 July 2009

Friday Foto

I've had a lovely scrappy day today.
I've been catching up on Design Team layouts for Anna's Craft Cupboard.
I'll share those soon.

Here's today's photo...

I took this cute pic of Ella through the week.
This is her latest smile...

I'll tell you a funny story about Ella that happened this week.
I made a quiche for dinner one night this week, and left the dish to soak overnight, so I could wash it out next morning.
You worry when you can't hear means she's up to no good!
She likes to help in the kitchen, so we have a little set of steps that she stands on, so she can reach the bench. I had the steps out as I was changing the beds and the sheets are in a high cupboard. She had dragged the steps over to the sink, where the dish was soaking and then proceeded to apply a "Ben 10" tattoo (of Zac's) to her arm. Yep, using the water in the quiche dish and the Chux sitting on the sink.
Lovely, huh??

It was funny, but you've gotta watch her like a hawk!!
She keeps me on my toes...she's the wild one! LOL

I hope you've got plenty planned for your weekend?
Jase and I are off to Jase's 20 year School Reunion. Now, that should be a blast.
He still keeps in contact with quite a few mates and some of them are going, along with their wives. One is coming up from Canberra and we always catch up with him at Christmas time. Looking forward to seeing him!!
I met some of the girls in his year at the Races last month, so it will be nice to catch up with them, too.

Chat soon,


Anonymous said...

Don't you just Love your little helper Chelle... They say the girls are the one's to watch :):) Did the tattoo turn out???????????

Michelle Jamieson said...

Actually, it did!! LOL

Yep, she's definately the one to watch! :)