Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Wild Queensland Weather

The weather has been crazy here in SE Qld, to say the very least!
It has hardly stopped raining. I'm saying that very quietly, as it has actually stopped, while I write this.

Apparently Brisbane has had about 90mm's on rain with parts of the Sunshine Coast having over 300mm. That's a lot of rain!!

We aren't in any danger, as we live high on a hill, so no flooding in our street.
I went downstairs late this afternoon to find water flowing thru my laundry and on the floor in my scrap space. Luckily, most of it is up high and not a lot was damamged...well, I'm hoping?
We can't do a lot until it stops raining.
There is just no where for the water to go, with that much rain.
I'm so glad we haven't had the floor coverings put down there yet, or they have been pulled up. It's concrete atm and I'm glad it is.

I found a few pics on the Courier Mail website, of around our area that have been affected by flooding.
Here's the bottom of the road that Zac's school is on...Corner of Kedron Brook Rd and Newmarket Rd.

And here's the bike track I ride on...

Crazy, huh?
Let's hope it eases up soon.

Chat soon,


Rachel said...

Hey Chelle, those photos are crazy! I live in Ormeau at the Goldcoast and its not as bad here. today the sun is shining YAY!! but the last few days the rain and wind has been non-stop!
What the flooding like now in your area? i hope it has eased hun xx luv rach xx

Anonymous said...

My uncle lives on Newmarket Rd Windsor, how's that doing and my brother is at Brookfield, everytime it rains they get flooded in as they have to cross 3 creeks to get out of Brookfield.

Susan said...

Sure hope you have been able to salvage your scrappin' gear, Chelle! It's been dry here today though our road was cut off yesterday for awhile. We have a creek nearby and it burst its banks.

Take care!

Annie said...

It's so acrazy to think of the rain you have had 'up there' in Qld and we badly need it 'down here' in Vic! I've been watching the news and can't comprehend such vast amounts of water!

Glad you are safe and dry (well almost) Chelle! Guess you can be thankful that the little bit of water that has washed into your house isn't soul destroying!

Annie xx

Anonymous said...

Thats a lot of water :(:(I'm waiting for your Friday Foto mmmmmmm sure hope you are fairing ok up there Chelle, your in my thoughts hun xxx Stay safe xxx