Friday, 24 April 2009

Friday Foto

Another busy week comes to a close.
It's Friday again!

Here's today's photo...

I've been busy training this week. My big 50km ride is on Sunday...wish me luck!
I'm gonna need everything to make it, me thinks!!
It's a long way....although, I'm feeling good about it. I must be in some sort of condition, as I haven't been sore at all this week.
Sunday could be a different story though??
I'll let you know how I go?

Apart from that, I've been scrapping. Doing some DT work these last few days.
I'll share that soon.

Enjoy your friday night...

Chat soon,


Gypsyangel said...

Good luck Chelle with your ride on Sunday. I know you can do it hun.


Libby said...

Good luck with the ride Chelle. I think you'll be fine. I'll eagerly await the result. Check out my blog for an awayd I have left you.

ScrapManda said...

Glad to hear your ride went well today!! Hope you're not too sore!

Likin' this saucy pic too ;)

lyn said...

awesome to hear your ride went well chelle, bet your feeling it today tho hun. Layouts as always are fab chook.xo

SkyeMJ said...

this is such a glam Pic Chelle! You look like a movie star! :)