Sunday, 29 March 2009

Off he goes...

Jase is back off to Melbourne tomorrow...again!
Back to his second home, or so it seems at the moment.
His work has sure thrown us some curve balls of late. Gotta roll with the punches, go with the flow. What else can you do?

We've had a great weekend with him. We all watched Australia on Friday night on DVD until the kids crashed one by one. It's such a great movie. DH enjoyed it too.

Saturday we spent getting our camping gear. We are off on our maiden camping trip with the kids at Easter. It should be a blast, as there is 7 families going and around 20 kids. Should be a ton of fun, with lots of photo opportunities!!
Let's hope the bunny finds us, as we'll be a long way from home!!

A lovely dinner date on Saturday night with a work colleague and friend of Jase's. Was a nice night out, and dinner was delish!
Then home to watch the mighty Lions win their first game of the season. I'm so excited Footy season's back!! I love it!

Today I had a nice sleep in. How lovely is my husband?? He kept the kids quiet while I had a lie in and how good was it?? As for the rest of today, it was house duties. The yard needed mowing, I've done a ton of washing, so Jase has all clean clothes ready for another stint away. Not quite so long this time, due to Easter!! Yay!

We also searched under our macadamia tree and this is what we found...

We collected 2 bowls of them, so Jase and I were busy this afternoon breaking them open!! It was quite a task!
I've done a google search tonight and found out how to roast them, so that should be fun! Let's hope I don't burn them? LOL
I love macadamia's...Yummo!! Can't wait to try the finished masterpiece!

While we were cracking the nuts the kids were playing down on the front lawn.
Here's a cute pic of the two of them!! Sweet huh??

I'm a little biased but they can be so adorable sometimes!!

I hope you have a great week!

Chat soon,


Anonymous said...

They look cute... and Hey every Mum is bias and that is what is beautiful about children (they can be so darn sweet!) xxx

ScrapManda said...

Adorable they are! Enjoy YOUR weekend in Melbourne (has to be some benefits of having Jase working down there!!)

Gypsyangel said...

Ahhh the faces of angels.