Friday, 27 March 2009

Friday Foto

The end of another busy week.
I went on another big ride today. Manda and I did 10kms today and I am no where near as sore today. Maz and Kerryn, thanks for telling me about the gel seat. I've been out and purchased one today and my padded bike pants will be here next week. I think I'm nearly all set! LOL

My darling husband arrived home this afternoon from Melbourne, just for the weekend. He's back on the plane on Monday morning.
We've kicked back and put our feet up with a glass of wine and watched "Australia" tonight. I loved it when it came out at the movies, so I had to buy it while I was out and about today. Jase quite liked it too.

I thought I'd better do my Friday Foto for you.
It was taken under our big macadamia tree today. We sure have some nuts to collect. They are everywhere down on the ground under the tree. We might go on a hunt tomorrow for some..Yum!! I love macadamia's!!

Here's today's pic...

Have a great weekend!

Chat soon,


Anonymous said...

It is always sweet to spent time together Chelle so yes kick back and enjoy your weekend xxx Love the photo xxx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pic Chelle!

Hmm, If I had been organised and thought about it I would have posted you my gel seat to use. I don't really want to see a bike for awhile - LOL! Loved it at the time though! Glad training is going well!

And enjoy looking VERY classy with those shorts on - LOL.

Maz xx