Monday, 23 March 2009

Future Star??

Some of you may know, Zac participated in Little Athletics this year.
He loved it!
We had our last day of the season on Saturday, followed by the presentations.
Zac collected his participation plaque to say he had completed his first year and level one of Little Athletics.
We left towards the end as the kids were tired. It had been a big day.

Aparently just after we left Zac was awarded another award, for the best in his age group...An Encouragement award.
He had improved the most over the athletics season and had broken his personal best in several events. Very exciting for a 6 yr old. You couldn't wipe the smile off his face this afternoon.
One of the Mum's at school collected it for him. Their little girl is also in his age group, and was in his class last year.

Here's some pics from Little Athletics this year...
Zac learning how to throw a discus.

The 100m dash.

The prized posession.

A very happy boy!!

So, I am a very proud Mum tonight.
I love that Zac gives 110% in everything he has a go at, and strives to do his best!!
That's all a parent can ask for.

Chat soon,


tracey said...

congrats to zac -- lots of scrapping about this moment in history... enjoy your spoils zac - dont' forget for that effort mum will give you icecream for sweets for a week!

Anonymous said...

Awww- what a cutie! WTG Zac!

Loving your CC challenge pages/cards too!

I'm sure you know I have a bit of experience in the cycling dept (LOL) - I highly recommend padded cycling shorts and a gel seat cover. The two together will prob set you back about $150 - well worth it! Netti is a good brand! And cycling gloves are an awesome invention too!

Good luck!
Maz xx

Anonymous said...

well done zac...great trophy!!!
Aunty Trace xxx

ScrapManda said...

Well done Zac!! What a champion and a very stunning trophy too! Hope you have just as much fun at Auskick!