Wednesday, 12 November 2008


Ella is doing much better...Thank you for all your well wishes.
She's all scabbed over...lovely, I we are going to venture outside the house tomorrow! It's very exciting!!

The high temperatures only lasted a day or so and by Tuesday she was running around, back to normal. I've religiously put Solosite cream on, and as much as Pinetarsol stinks, I think it's doing the best job. It hasn't taken long for the blisters to disappear and scabs to form...amazing really!

Zac's Class made Ella "Get Well" cards on very sweet. They have the loveliest teacher, Miss Nucifora, who we'll be sad to leave to head to Grade 1.
Ella just loved her cards!

Here's some of her beautiful cards...

This week is the last week of Project Scrapaway. We had to scrap a layout about something that's bursting to get out. I ended up doing my layout about how I had trouble conceiving my kids. Such a significant time in my life, that I remember like it was yesterday! I'm so lucky to have 2 gorgeous kids!

I'm off to a Retreat on the weekend and I can't wait...especially after the week I've had! Touch chicken pox for anyone else, including me! LOL

I've added some new goodies to my Etsy store this week. You can check them out here!

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


Julie said...

Oh boy ... i can still remember the smell of Pinetarsol from our Blake's Chicken Pox 6 yrs ago LOL!
Glad to hear she is on the mend.
Have a great time at the retreat ... a well deserved break!

Kylie said...

love this LO michelle..glad everyone and everything is getting back to normal....not good when you have a scare..just had one recently myself with our eldest daughter

Anonymous said...

This one has my vote this week shhh I know I should not tell you that but this layout touched my heart Chelle, It is just so true of life... and then it is in your awesome style that I love so much xxx Hope the darling Miss Ella is feeling a lot better (cyber hugs for her) xxx

Anonymous said...

Omg... just realised I missed the post about the cards for Ella now that is just the sweetest thing I have heard of in the longest time Chelle how beautiful is that teacher and all the little darlings... brings sweet tears to my eye xxx Big hugs Ella and Zac along with all Zac's class mates xxx