Monday, 29 September 2008

A nice quiet day

I've had a lovely quiet day today.
My sweet Sister-in-law, Amanda took the kids bowling, along with their big cousin, Melanie. They had a fabulous time and the kids behaved...Thankfully!
They had a nice lunch and pulled into our driveway around 3pm. Nice for them and nice for me. A lovely little creative break for me!
I spent the day catching up on a layout and created a Canvas for a friend who's turning 40 on Wednesday, and is having a special celebration on the weekend!! I'm looking forward to it!

Here's what I did today...
My Round 4 layout on Project Scrap - away over at Scrapchat!
We had to create a layout abouts omeone we have great respect for, who is older than us. I chose my SIL, Tracey.
I know she's reading this tonight, so I'll put the journalling here for her to read:

I have great respect for my Sister-in-law Tracey. She endured a less that perfect childhood, but did well at school and is a nurse these days. She has a mothering nature, which I think is from being a child and looking out for her brothers and younger sister. She always makes sure you are ok. We've shared many a cuppa, visits, shopping trips and plenty of Girls nights out! She never says a bad word about anyone. She's a loving soul and I love here to bits. She's like a sister to me. September 2008

Now, if I know Tracey...she'll be in tears by now. That wasn't my intention. Just wanted to let her know how I felt and that she a very special person to me!!

Here's my layout for last week's Project Scrapaway - Round Three.
I did it quickly last weekend before heading away, but haven't shared it yet!!

Here's the canvas...for Ralph...I think he'll like it!
He's actually in the pic..on the left. The boys go up to the Gympie Muster every year, for some bonding, or so they say. Just a big "drink fest" if you ask me!! LOL

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


Anonymous said...

thanks chelle, that was lovely!! You know me to well along came some tears.. ralph's canvas looks fantastic - he will love it!!
chat to you tomm. SIL traceyxx

ScrapManda said...

The canvas does look amazing! Lucky Ralph!

Leanne Stamatellos said...

busy, busy, busy!