Sunday, 31 August 2008


I love Riverfire, we all do. This year Ella was that bit older and was so excited about it all, as was Zac. We headed into Southbank late afternoon to get a good position. We met my sister, Kellie and her family for a fun night out!

For anyone that isn't a Brisbane local...Riverfire is part of the River Festival we celebrate each year here in Brisbane. Riverfire is a huge fireworks display that takes place along the Brisbane River. They have fireworks going off on about 14 rooftops and plenty of barges along the river, as well as on landmarks like bridges.
Triple M(one of our radio stations) puts music to the firworks...needless to say it's amazing in every part of the word!
The highlight is the F1-11's dump and burn. That opens the firework show and ends the show with a bang once the fireworks are's sensational.

We enjoyed it last night with an estimated 600,000 other people.

My camera batteries decided to die as night fell, so I've pinched this image from Triple M!
This is the F1-11's dump and burn over the city. It's spectacular!

These are some snaps I took before the dead batteries!

This is the NEW Ferris wheel at Southbank...looking forward to going on it!

The Roulettes...they are amazing!

Settling in to wait for the Fireworks!

Then today, I have spent the afternoon making a Witch's costume for Relay for Life, that I'm participating in next weekend. That'll keep you coming back for more...LOL
You'll have to wait til next weekend to see a pic of me in it...should be a laugh!! Looking forward to it!

I hope you had a great weekend!

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx

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Leanne Stamatellos said...

weren't those fireworks amazing!
looks like you were all snuggled up enjoying them!