Monday, 5 May 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Hollee

It was Hollee's 2nd Birthday Party today.
I think little Hollee had a wonderful day. She had a Wiggles Party. Like any 2yr old, she's obsessed with the Wiggles. During Pass the Parcel she was getting upset with her big sister...who was in charge of the music...for stopping it all the time. She just wanted to dance!! LOL

The big attraction was a inflatable jumping castle, with a slide that the youngerr kids could get on. The other "big" thing was their swing...not just any swing, but the biggest swing I've ever seen, and Ella and Holle went the highest on it, I think! The squealed with delight at how high they were going!



and look how high Ella went...I nearly couldn't look!!

Zac taking a quiet moment to eat some smarties.

My little niece, Amelia.

Singing Happy Birthday...a lovely family shot!

And check out these cute little teacup yummies...I've put in my order to Lee-Ann's MIL for my kid's Birthday parties!! LOL
They are more like a little work of ART, than a yummy treat!!

Chat to you soon,
Chelle Xx

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Anonymous said...

OMG... Chelle, Ella did go rather high. Those tea cups are totally awesome... cute cute cute... Sounds like it was rather a fun party xxx