Sunday, 3 February 2008

Want to hear a funny story??

With Jase being home on holidays this week, we borrowed my parents ute to do a few dump runs, with trees we had cut back. It's a Toyota Landcruiser ute and it has a canopy.
Jase had done a load to the dump on Friday, then loaded up Saturday again to do another load this morning. So, off he went. He got to the dump and backed up to the pit you throw everything into when one of the attendants came wandering over. Jase thought he must have parked in the wrong place, so he got out to chat to the attendant. The attendant was laughing and said "Do you own a black cat?"
Jase said "Yeah". "Well, he's poking his head out of the canopy in the back of the ute", said the attendant. Jase couldn't believe it and had to catch our cat, Reuben and put him in the cab...much to everyone at the dump's amusement. The guy unloading next to him laughed and said the area for dumping live animals was over there!
Then Jase had to head to the weigh bridge where they weigh your vechicle. Rube was up on Jase's lap waving his tail in his face and looking out the open window. The guys in the weigh station couldn't stop laughing. Made their day, I'm sure??
Jase said he kept looking out the front window with his paws on the dash all the way home. He was laughing when he walked in the door...Our Rube has been on quite the adventure today!

In other news...a quiet weekend here. I gave blood yesterday, did my SIL Tracey and a friends hair today, then visited my Mum and Dad and delivered the ute and popped in to see my Sis and her family on the way home. Actually, today was quite busy!!

Here's my samples for this month's Challenges at the Stamp Shak. Our layout had to be photos from last Christmas, and the card had to use the scraps from your layout.

I also want to wish my cousin, Tim a very Happy Birthday for yesterday. I didn't forget...he turned the big 30 yesterday. Happy Birthday big fella!!

I also wanted to wish my little cousin Scott(or not so little..he's much taller than me...but younger) a fabulous trip OS. He's off on an adventure of a life time, starting off in Canada and working his way down to Jamaica, Miami, New York, then off to London to travel Europe. Wow...he's going to have so much fun. Have a great time, and I'll be checking your blog to find out what you've been doing.

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


Lexie said...

What a laugh!

Have a great week Chelle!

tracey said...

OMG - you have been a busy girl - glad to see you have been busy at the shack - i too have been busy so have not been able to visit there -note to self is to fix that technical problem very soon.. glad you caught your cat before rube snuck away -- catchya soon