Sunday, 11 November 2007

A Surprise dinner

I've had a busy few days. Had a busy run around day on friday while the kids were at daycare, then yesterday my Mum's online store The Stamp Shak had a clearance sale, so I was up at 5am to get there early for setup, so the doors could open at 9am! It was a good day, cleared lots, but still lots to go! I saw my friend Karen(Lexie) and had a good chat. I'll see her again this weekend at our Girls Scrapping getaway up the Sunshine coast! So, looking forward to this!!

My younger sister, Kellie turns 30 on Friday 16th November, but she's going to Sydney next weekend, so her partner, Nadine planned a Surprise dinner at the Thai restaurant near her place with family! Lots of fun...she didn't suspect a thing until just before they left home, wondering why she had to dress up?? The plan was hatched to have dinner at Nadine's sister, Chris' place, but she had to pick up entree's at the Thai restaurant. We were all there ready and waiting. The plan was obvious when Kellie pulled into the 15 min parking spot outside the restaurant and Nadine told her she couldn't park there. All was exposed and she caught sight of us all in the restaurant. She was thrilled and had a great night.

Here are some pics...
Emma, Ian and Andy - Emma has a PEACE thing going on atm!! LOL

Mum and me...I can't believe how much we look alike in this pic!!

and the Birthday sister, Kellie!

Hope you've all had a good weekend!

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


Jodie said...

hi chelle!
wow u really look so much like ur mum :)
both stunning women you are!!


Lexie said...

Great photos, you sure do look like your mum! It was great seeing you yesterday, Cant wait for more on the weekend!

Pamela said...

Looks like Kellie, had a great birthday.