Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Prep Orientation day

Today we went to school for Zac's Orientation day for Prep next year. He was so excited, and had a great morning. He met his teachers and some classmates.

We are all fitted for uniforms, which we did today. Zac looked so little trying on his school shirts. My little man is growing up. That's another job out of the way. Lots to do when a littlie is starting for the first time, although they make it reasonably easy. Our booklist is in and uniforms ordered. All we really need to do is buy a lunchbox and some school shoes.

I pick up uniforms in two weeks time and Zac's books get delivered to our door at the beginning of December, all ready for me to cover and label.

Talk about being super organised!!

Only 2 more sleeps til I head to the Sunshine Coast to see all my Scrap buddies for a fun weekend...Can't wait guys!

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx

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gypsyangel said...

Hey Chelle, glad the orientation day went well and that you are super organised for the start of prep.

Also wanted to say "ONLY ONE MORE SLEEP".

Not excited or anything. lol

Cya in a day.