Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Just love Christmas...

Yep...our Christmas tree went up today!! I know, I'm a few days early, but Zac and Ella have been so excited about Christmas and putting up the tree, that I gave in today!! Zac was the decorator this year, with a little help from Mummy to even out the Christmas baubles. I didn't think you could get about 4 on one branch? Apparently, you can! Ella had more fun climbing in and out of the Santa sacks.

We bought some new decorations last weekend. We've gone with gold decorations this year(no tinsel)...and it looks very noice!! Might even add a little more to it yet, not sure??
Each year the kids get to buy a decoration for the tree...something a bit special. This year they picked cute reindeers. They are very cute. They have good taste! Zac took Daddy over to the tree tonight and told him who's decoration was who's!! Daddy told Zac he was glad he knew what was going on.

We put some presents under the tree, too. Ella only unwrapped one...my niece Melanie's. I've already re-wrapped it Mel, so you won't miss out!! It could be a long 4 weeks til Christmas!
I may need some more Christmas paper...better put that on the list! LOL

Here are some pics...

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


Julie said...

I love Christmas too!
It is the one time of year that we put aside our busy busy lifestyles and make time for family & friends. Kids make it great too ... they're excitement is infectious !!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday for today Chelley Bean, love the pics of your Christmas tree too, enjoyed looking at your b/day dinner, dont you look like your mum!!! Birthday wishes for today (28/11)XXX Ali

Anonymous said...

(: Happy Birthday Chelle :) xxx for today my scrapping friend xxx

xxxxxx Hugs Lucy xxxxxx