Monday, 26 November 2007

Birthday dinner!!

It's my birthday this week, so decided to have have a Birthday dinner a little early. My Birthday always falls at a very busy time of year, with Christmas parties and get togethers!! So, we had it last night!!

It was a family affair, and I had a great time!

My batteries in my camera went flat, hence why I'm doing this post a day late!!

We went to Avanti at Bardon. It's a nice Italian place with heaps of pasta on the menu...YUM!! I ate plenty and couldn't fit dessert in...what's going on with that?? Pasta will do that to you!! LOL

Here's some pics from the night...
My MIL and FIL - Nancy and Mike

My Mum and Dad

Me and Ella

My sister-in-law Tracey and brother-in-law Barrie

My little sister Kellie and her partner Nadine

My sister-in-law Amanda - Jase's little sister

Me and my sweet husband, Jason!!

There's something about Birthdays that make you feel special!!

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


tracey said...

oh yes there is - and thats cause you are special - i do hope you have a fantabulous birthday -- kick up your heels, you are definately in good company for a birthday week...

miss~nance said...

Have a fabulous birthday Chelle. It is a crazy time of year isnt it.

Kylie said...

Happy Belated B'Day - sounds like you had a great time!!

Jodie said...

hi chelle.
gorgeous pics from your birthday.
you are so cute!!
hope you had a good one.