Saturday, 25 August 2007

Embellished Idol - Round Four

Well, results came out on Friday morning, and I'm still alive in Embellished Idol. This week we had to create a L/O using at least 3 X 3"x2" photos, a title and journalling. A bit of a challenge. I don't tend to use that size very often, but it made a nice change.

This L/O is all about "The changing face of Zac" and how he is growing up so fast.

We'll see how I go this week...

I'm off to watch the Lions beat Adelaide on Tv...well, I hope they win!?! They are about to kick off!

Chat soon,


Pamela Godfrey said...

Awwww Chelle, I love this page you are going great girl your work is faboulous, great idea with the photos that size wow you can fit alot in!!!

kayla renee macaulay said...

That is a really great LO chelle. LOVE LOVE it. absolutely gorgeous.

I go for Brissie Lions as well (I am a brissie girl but now live in tassie) I was so sad to see them lose to the crows. I was hoping they were going to make the 8. I am so upset now.



Scrapmanda said...

Not to be for the Lions :(

Awesome LO's chickie - you're on fire....IDOL watch out!

Julie said...

Your LO is gorgeous Michelle, the colours look stunning.
Good Luck!

Pam said...

Been blog hopping and found yours- love your LOs. I'm so glad it has rained in Brissie- Iwas there in July and it was so sad to see evrything so dry- and to have 4 minute showers! LOL

karen e said...

This LO is just awesome it really comes off the page at you...IYKWIM