Sunday, 8 July 2007

Pirate party

Zac's 4th Birthday was last weekend, but we had family away for the school holidays, so decided to postpone it til this weekend. Zac has been counting down the sleeps til today. We had one very excited 4yr old this morning. Off to our local park for lots of games, fun and a sausage sizzle for lunch!

Zac and Ella got right into character. They both LOVE dressing up!

Here are some pics.

and your best Pirate face - Arrgghhh!

Miss Ella enjoying the festivities, with cheezels and chocolate frog around her mouth!

Aunty Trace and cousin, Mel.

The Birthday boy and his cake.

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


Tara said...

Great costumes... pirate party, looks like fun.

Jodie said...

awesome party, COOL COSTUMES
but check out that cake, ultimate pirate cake
hehe i want a pirate party, u think turning 26 is too old to ask for one.....HAHA.

cant wait for them scrapped.

Scrapmanda said...

That's one scary pirate Zac!! Looks like everyone had a fabulous day!

Alice said...

wow that party looked great!!!
gorgeous photos too Chelle! hehe

nikkihelen said...

Great costumes, what a fun looking party!!
Thanx for the tag, will attempt to think of 8 interesting things!!

scrapwitch said...

ahhoy there zac...this looks like fun,im hoping no pirate had to walk the plank...looks like evryone had fun,happy birthday mate...
chelle omg ella is sooooo gorgeous

Anonymous said...

nice pictures, just visiting aunty jodie so shown her as well!!
love tracey

Crazymumm said...

That is one awesome pirate "Ahhoy there me hearty" what a party.... and what an outstanding cake!!!