Wednesday, 4 July 2007

L/O Share

I haven't been sharing much on my blog lately...too much else to talk about.

I just went back through my posts and I haven't told you about my First Scuba Dive, while I was on holidays in the Whitsundays. Promise to do that tomorrow, and I have some cool pics to share as well.

Ok, on to layouts...I've done heaps, so will share a few at a time.

This one was inspired by my friend, Lisa, aka Witch. She creates awesome L/O's using paint, so I had a go at it. Happy with the result.

This was before Christmas, and Ella fell asleep in her highchair. How cute?

This is from my holiday to Vic in January...still scrapping these pics. Heaps to go.

I'm also going to wish the QUEENSLANDERS Good Luck for tonight. Let's hope they squash the Cockies in a whitewash!! Go Boys!!

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


scrapwitch said...

aaahhhh there it is..omg chelle dont you just adore that purple paint layout ..i think its totally smashing babe...a true work of art

and your sleeping all your layouts chelle..i love to visit your blog...ahhh that purple layout is gorgeous....


Scrapmanda said...

Beautiful pic of your sleeping beauty...very cute! Love your "Lisa" inspired LO too...shame paint is so messy!

Tara said...

Gorgeous layouts... love the paint it is very effective.

Crazymumm said...

Totally stunning Chelle... love the softness of the layout and it also comes across as so Arty.. Your done a stunning job...xx

And I'm a fan of your style of layout xx terrific work sweet xx

scrapwitch said...

im back to look at your purple know i think you should subnit this one...the doodle is devine and all so girlie