Monday, 2 July 2007

Let's ride!

Yesterday we went over to visit Daddy at work. He was entering the dreaded stocktake figures into the system. A very long process, but it's all completed and Jase has a weight lifted off his shoulders.
Busy week for him. he flew to Adelaide today, Melbourne tonight and is there til at least Wednesday. Might be home to watch Origin 3 with me...Who knows??
He's sure clocking up the Freq Flyer miles at the moment.

So, we took the bikes over to Jase's work. It's in a big industrial area, so there's plenty of concrete to ride on out the front. Zac loves going over there to ride.

Here's some pics...

Jase and I were sitting on the step watching the kids play and ride their bikes. We both can't get over how much Ella has grown up. She's definately not a baby anymore. Our little girl thinks she can do everything her big brother can. She's very strong willed...a bit like her Mum!! LOL

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


Tara said...

Stocktake... ugh! I used to work in a tackle shop and yes we used to have to count all the hooks and sinkers if they were sold individually...

Scrapmanda said...

Cute pic of Ella from behind!

Anonymous said...

Yes they are growing too quickly especially when their cousin arrived today with his lunchbox packed with vegemite sandwiches/fruit brought back some memories MIL

scrapwitch said...

love these pics chelle ..she will always be your baby .babe !
im loving your new layouts....where are they ???