Thursday, 26 April 2007


We had a quiet day for ANZAC Day. We went to Southbank for a walk around and the kids had some fun on the Playground. We then had lunch - good ole Fish'n'Chips...and it was delicious! We then headed home so the kids could have a sleep before taking Jason to the Airport. He's in Melbourne til Friday night with work.

While they were all sleeping, I watched the Dawn Service at Gallipoli, Turkey. It was such a moving Ceremony. Imagine what it would be like to be there...just once. I think I might have to put this on my Lifetime "To Do" list. Every year I am more and more Thankful for what our ANZAC's did for our country, that we are Free today. It was very courageous to go off to war and not know if you'd ever come home.

I watched a story on A Current affair last night about men that lied about their age to go to war. They were the Under 16's..but most were only 14 yrs old. They talked about the first person they killed and being only a boy. I couldn't imagine...they were very upset telling their stories, and tears were welling up in my eyes. Amazing courage from amazing people. I don't think my generation would be quite so willing to run off to war.

To top of the day, I watched Collingwood and Essendon do battle in the ANZAC Day clash. A great tribute to the diggers at the start and then a good result with Collingwood winning. Not that I like Collingwood(can't stand them), but I had them in my footy tips. LOL :)

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


Andrea Klaster said...

It's uncomprehendable what the diggers went through for us.

I picked Essendon. Grrrr. I barrack for Essendon too.

You have been tagged, check my blog for details.

Alicia Barry said...

Hi Chelle. Thanks for dropping into 2CC. Hope you have time to join in some challenges.

Louise said...

Hi Michelle

Love this post re our Anzac's, It is amazing isnt it!

Ta for the tag, I have finally completed it, I was putting it off [lol].

Cheers Louise :)

PS you know Lucy wont do it dont you [lol].

Scrapmanda said...

I just hate tipping the Pies so went for the Bombers (who I don't like much better) :(

Lovely sentiments on the Anzacs Chelle...