Thursday, 25 January 2007

Hello from Portland

We arrived in Portland, Victoria this afternoon. Now at my cousin, Kylie's place with her family. Off to a big family BBQ tonight to catch up with everyone.

Weather in Ballarat, our first stop, was freezing. It was 11 degrees. Not what we are used to at all! We went to Sovereign Hill, a 1850's Gold rush town. The kids loved it! Zac and I had a ride in a horse and carriage.

Then on to Halls Gap for the past few days. Much better weather - around 23 degrees. Halls Gap is in the Grampians National Park. Very pretty and I took heaps of pics to show you when I get home. I'm a little red, who would of thought I'd get sunburnt. My nose is peeling already!!
Better get the exfoliater out before the wedding on saturday.

So, off to see the fur seals tomorrow. There is a colony not far away. I'm taking Zac out on the boat, with a few of the others. Should be fun!!

Well, I'd better go,

Chat to you soon,
Chelle Xx


Anonymous said...

Good to hear you are all enjoying the break. Have fun at the wedding with all the family.


bloggedissue said...

Ooh, sovereign hill, now that brings back some memories!

Scrapmanda said...

Chelle - sounds like a fab time already. Hope the weather for the wedding is great on Saturday. Have fun with the fur seals!

Alicia said...

Glad you are having a good trip.