Sunday, 17 December 2006

Christmas at Pop's

We had Christmas on Macleay Island over the weekend. Jason's Dad(Pop) lives over there with his partner, Carol. They are off to Melbourne for Christmas next weekend, so Santa came early. The kids loved it! There are a few cousins now. My two, Zac(3) and Ella(15 mths), Melanie(9), Griffin(7) and Seth(6 mths), the newest addition to the Jamieson clan.

Uncle Scotty took the kids for a swim after lunch - BAD IDEA - this was the the tide was out. This is Griffin, Zac and Mel. They had heaps of fun, playing in the mud!

Zac was nominated Santa's little helper and No.1 Elf. He had the honors of handing out presents this year, but not without being in complete uniform. He was very cute!

This is Seth, who is now 6 mths old. Jason and I are very proud godparents as well as Uncle and Aunty to this georgeous little man! He smiles at everyone, rolls over and has picked up shaking his head. Very cute!

The last one for today is Daddy and Ella. She was looking very cool in this picture, dummy and sunnies! She has a fasination with wearing glasses at the moment. Couldn't resist...had to take a pic.

So, a nice weekend away from the mundane tasks at home. Was very relaxing even if the weather wasn't very good. Very rainy and extremely windy out in the bay today!

Have a good week!
Chat soon,

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Scrapmanda said...

Well it looks like everyone had a great "Christmas" at Pop's - elves, mud and all! HOpe next Monday is just as much fun.