Wednesday, 1 November 2006

Off to meet Elsie

I'm off to Sydney in the morning for the Paper Arts Festival. Elsie Flannagan is coming out from America to teach, so I'm doing one of her classes. I can't wait!! I'm also booked into two of Zina Wright's classes as well. Loving her work! :-)

Some of the girls from Scrapbooking Memories Forum and LSBS are getting together for dinner on Friday night. Most of them I have never met before, but everyone is so excited, so it will be heaps of fun! Counting down the hrs now.....

I'm back Sunday afternoon, so I'll have heaps to share by the end of the weekend!

Here's a L/O I did for the LSBS Doodling Comp.

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


Alicia said...

How exciting. I wish I could go. I hope I get to do some classes with people like that while I am here.

Anonymous said...

Chelle - hope you have the bestest time (sorry I missed saying goodbye before you left). Look forward to hearing and seeing all about it when you get back! Scrapmanda.

Pam Godfrey (webbgod) said...

Hi chelle,

it was really great to meet you in Real Life Witch, Goddess & I really had a fun day, I am now looking forward to the day when we can get together and have a good scrap!! hope your mum's shop went well. We all arrived home safely just before midnight. Talk soon.
Love Pam