Monday, 30 October 2006

Am I up for a challenge?

Leish has issued a Blog Challenge this week. We have to write about our Dream holiday. Well, my ultimate dream holiday - that I will get to ONE DAY, is to the Greek Islands. I want to visit Santorini. It's an island that was a volcano. It's just beautiful. When you look at all those paintings with white buildings and brilliant blue rooves with a ocean background, That's Santorini. I promise myself, I WILL make it there before I die! Well, that's the goal, anyway.

Jason and I have been pretty lucky. Pre-kids we visited some beautiful locations. We've been to Bali(the Aussie pilgrimage), had our honeymoon in Vanuatu, as well as visiting some great Aussie destinations. The Great Ocean Road(Vic), Melbourne, Sydney, Barossa Valley and Adelaide, out west to Longreach, I could go on and on.

Jason and I would like to go back and visit Vanuatu for our 10th wedding Anniversary, which is not that far away. Only a year and a half away. How time flies!

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


Alicia said...

Great goal Chelle. I hope you make it there one day. Imagine the awesome photos. Thanks for joining in the challenge.

marije said...

My mom visited Santorini twice and fell in love with it! She has pictures like this one all over her house :)

I love your lay-outs!