Wednesday, 2 August 2006

Another L/O!

Well, the next installment from the cyber crop I did with my Yahoo group on Sunday night. This one, the Challenge was to create a L/O from a Holiday theme. I had to use a monogram and had to use flowers as embellishments. There is hidden journalling under the seal kiss pic!

My L/O is of the Pet porpoise pool that we visited while on holiday in Coffs Harbour in May. Zac and I had our picture taken with the seal, not that Zac was real impressed!

Glad to see Scrapbook City has their forum up and running. Can't wait for the first cyber crop.

It's been a busy day today at work. Beginning of the month, so all the Customer statements had to go out, as well as the end of financial year archiving(yes - only a month behind). Jase and I both went to work this morning with our eyes a little worse for wear, as Ella is teething. And yes, believes everyone else should be up in the middle of the night too. One of her front teeth is through, with the other about to at any time. Let's hope it arrives soon, really can't go on without sleep!

Take care,
Chelle XX


Scrapmanda said...

Poor little chicken (& you guys too!!) Hope those nasty teeth don't cause too much more grief! Glad to see you know about the forum @ scrapbook city - will see you there!

Sara Pearcy said...

Love the layouts, Chelle. I have photos of my brother and I at the same pools with dolphins and a porpoise taken way back in 1976! I didn't even know that place was still there!!
My brother got to brush the dolphin's teeth with a big 'dolphin' toothbrush!!

Good luck with the teething. Here's to hoping for more sleep!

xx S.

Alicia said...

Love that layout. I'm looking forward to the cyber crop too.