Monday, 24 July 2006

What a weekend

Well, we've had one of those weekends. When you're glad Friday afternoon has come around, then all of a sudden it's Sunday night! How did this happen?

It started with dinner on Friday night with my family. A bit of a rest on Saturday morning(catch up on the washing, etc..).

Jason, Zac and I went with some friends to the Brisbane Lions game vs Hawthorn at the Gabba. It was Zac's first footy game and he loved it. All he wanted to do was to run on the field and kick the footy. Probably shouldn't have told him that until the game was finished.
After a less than ideal start(and some very boisterous Hawthorn fans), the Lions slowly closed the gap in the score line. We sat just off to the side behind the northern goalposts. So, when Brisbane were on a goal kicking frenzy in the third quarter...all the action was right in front of us. It was excellent!
We had a great night and even got to sing the the song at the end, with the Lions winning by 10 points.
Jase took Zac down on to the field after the game, to kick the footy. He loved it!On the way home he said, "Can we go to the footy again, Dad?". To the reply "Sure can bud!"
So, I think it's going to be a ritual now. Couple of times a year, they tell me.

I love the AFL, being an ex-Victorian....I love those Lions!

On to Sunday....we had some friends of ours, Glenn and Lee-Ann, christening their little girl, Hollee, today. They live in Ipswich, but the Christening was in Rosewood. About 20 mins west of Ipswich. A lovely day for a grand occasion. All went well...and yes, she cried when they tipped water on her head. Although, I can't blame was cold this morning.

That's all from me today,

Take care,
Chelle Xx


Pamela Godfrey said...

Hi Chellejamo,

I am new to your blog and will be keen to see alot more of your work love your butterflyhouse layout.

Regards Webbgod

Scrapmanda said...

Chelle - you've made me all sad talking about the footy!!! This is my first year in EIGHT years of not having a season ticket!! Had to choose between my season ticket and a new digital camera this year. I love my digital camera but am missing my Gabba fix every other week! Go the Lions!