Sunday, 30 July 2006

Productive day today!

Well, it began early, 8.30am to be exact. Zac started in a fun activities class today, called "Happy Coconuts". The focus is learning sports and getting excercise for 3-6yr olds. He was a little bit shy at first, but didn't take long for him to settle in. They do three sports in a term(12 wks), so they spend 4 weeks learning a sport. Each week they learn a new skill. They are doing Soccer at the moment, and "heading" was today's skill. Very funny to watch. At 3, there isn't much coordination, but they all had a go, and that's the main thing!

So, after Zac's class we decided to have Breaky at the Cafe down the Rd from us. Very yummy, and a great way to start the I didn't have to make it!

Then home, and spent the day in the yard...overhauling our front garden. Needed it, was getting a bit overgrown and had some very sad plants that needed putting out of their misery. So, had a huge cleanout, mowed and snipped. Doesn't it look great too, if I do say so myself!

Off to the markets early tomorrow morning with my Sis, Kel, to find some drought-resistant plants! That will fill my garden bed that looks a little barren tonight!

After my plant expedition in the morning....scrapping is the name of the game!

Wish me luck,
Chelle xx

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Scrapmanda said...

I'm exhausted just reading all that hard work you've been up to!! Hope you enjoyed your scrap fest after all your physical work!