Sunday, 14 July 2013

Strawberry Farm

On our way back from Hervey Bay we decided to stop off at one of the
many Strawberry Farms on the Sunshine Coast. We picked Strawberry Fields
at Palmview, just near the Ettamoggah Pub.

We arrived to carparks brimming full and swarms of people around.
Apparently this  strawberry picking thing is quite popular!

So, we headed for the patch to pick out some big red juicy strawberries!

And no...I didn't eat in the patch.
A BIG No No!! Just hamming it up for the camera!!

Kel and Dino had lots of fun too.

Even the teen, cousin Mike had fun in the strawberry patch.
Not that he'd admit it!

I have to say, these strawberries were the juiciest and sweetest strawberries
I think I've EVER eaten. Might just become a new June/July School
Holiday tradition!

While there, we ran ito some fabulous friends.
The Stamatellos, we sat the kids down for a quick snap!
All great friends!

The strawberries didn't last long either.
Theywere all gobbled up pretty quickly.

Fabulous day out for all!

Chat soon,

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This is great!