Saturday, 29 June 2013

Hervey Bay

It's already a week since the kids started their holidays!!
We headed off last weekend to the beautiful City of Hervey Bay.
It's about 3hrs north of Brisbane.

My nephew Mike is currently trying to get his driving hours up.
My sister Kellie always feels it's a white knuckle ride, so she came with us!

Thank god for Ipads is all I can say!

I'd only ever been to Hervey Bay once and it was a year ago and for a funeral.
Not nice circumstances, but loved what we saw in that very short time.
So, we went up for a 5 day break. No firm plans, but to check out the place and
watch my SIL's nephew Sam play in the State Rugby League Carnival. He lives
in Cairns and by sheer fluke the carnival was in Hervey Bay!
So, a game of footy a day was in order!

Our apartment was across the road from this gorgeous beach. It became our
daily routine to walk up the beach. This was late Sunday afternoon, overcast
and cool.

This kid just loves playing on the beach. Wasn't impressed it was too cold to swim!
But had fun playing near the water anyway.

 Even saw a few locals...

Monday saw us head to the Go-Kart track for a bit of fun!
I'll admit, we're all a bit competitve! So, this was going to
be like playing for Cattle Stations! Lol.

Brought back my inner bogan and Go-Kart Racing days from my early 20's!
LOVED it!!!

 Zac in action.

 Everyone out on the track.

Jase and Ella pipped me on the line...Bugger!

Kellie and I headed down the beach one afternoon to get some sunset snaps.
I got quite a few but this is my favourite.

We thought we'd better do a selfie of ourselves too!

Holidays are always a good time to get some pics of the kids.
I didn't have too much resistance from them thankfully!

Love this one of Ella!

 Zac is growing up right before my eyes...He's 10 later this week!

 Even snapped this one together...Love it!

We watched plenty of footy. Sam played every day around lunchtime.
The footy fields were't far from where we stayed.
He's from Cairns, so he captained and played for Peninsula.
His team finished 3rd in the U12 Rugby League State Championships.
He was then picked for the Probables vs Possibles Game.
He made the Probables Team, the No.13 in yellow.

After this game, more deliberating before announcing the U12 Qld Team.
He made it...Here he is getting the handshake from the Qld Selectors!

 Well done Sam...U12 Qld Player!

On our last afternoon, the kids wanted to go fishing.
Off to the Pier we went. It's quite the walk to the end of it.
But a superb view and the fish were biting...Bonus!

 Ella caught one!

 Dad baiting up Zac's hook!

My nephew Mike was pretty impressed with his catch...a shell! Lol.
Even made me take a pic for him!

I even got a family snap of us!

We had a wonderful time away in Hervey Bay.
Gorgeous place with so much to do and see...we'll surely be back!

Chat soon,

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